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July 2018
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Order Form ~ Please print this page for your order form

Ship To: The Quilt Studio 4429 So. 50th St. Omaha, NE 68117

Order Form Name:______________________ Size: _____in. x _____in.= ______sq. inches Home Address:________________________ ________________________ ________________________ E-Mail_______________________________ Phone: _________________(H) _________________(W) Price Level: ($50.00 minimum on all orders) ____Overall Pantograph Pattern @ .018 cents per square inch Quilting Pattern Choice:______________________

Custom Quilting Patterns Choices:___________ __________  __________ _________

Batting: ____ Customer Provided

____Dream Cotton Select .40 cents 90″ wide ____100%Dream Cotton Select .50 cents 120″ wide ____Polydown .30 cents per inch 90″ wide ____Polydown .50 cents per inch 120″ wide ____Heirloom Blend (80/20) .40 cents per inch 90″ wide

____Heirloom Blend (80.20) 120″ wide ____Warm & Natural .40 cents per inch 90″ wide ____Warm & Natural .50 cents per inch 120″ wide

Backing: Must be 5″ or larger both sides to provide for better quilting. ___Customer Provided ____110″ Backing $18.95 per yard ______print color ____108″ side blender backing fabric $15.95 per yard____________ color ____Natural Muslin 15.95/yd.(90″ wide) ____White Muslin $15.95/yd. 90″ ____Printed Cotton $11.50/yd. ______Color or style our choice to match quilt:________ $11.50/yd.(45″ wide)

Thread: ____Cotton Wrapped Poly Core Color_____ ____

Binding: ____.30/ linear inch:  Machine Binding Cut and pieced, machine stitched again to front with mitered corners to finish ____.45/linear inch: Hand Binding Cut and pieced, machine stitched to front, trimmed, and hand stitched to back with mitered corners to finish ____.20/linear inch attached to front only

Hanging Sleeve: _____Yes (.45 cents per inch) _____No

Return Shipping: UPS_______ Fed Ex______ Basic Shipping Charge is $18.00 includes up to $300 insurance

ESTIMATED TOTAL: ____________

Balance: The balance of the quilt service is due when quilt is ready to be shipped. Payment: Payment by Check_____ Credit Card____ PayPal_______ Name on card: ___________________ Account Number#_____ _____ _____ _____ Expiration ___ /___ CVV number _________  This is the three digit number on the back of your card Special Instructions:_____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

For $5.00 would you like your quilt finished cut? (trim excess batting and backing material after quilting)   YES____    NO____

Thank You for your order!

To pay with PayPal or any credit card, please calculate the total of your quilting needs above and send payment to:


Contact Information for long arm machine quilting services: Telephone: 402-934-4750

Store Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 10:00-5:00 Saturday: 10:00-4:00

Shipping Address Attn: Carol Cisar The Quilt Studio 4429 So. 50th St. Omaha, NE 68117

For a quilting estimate or more information e-mail us at The Quilt Studio

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